As the Banking industry is constantly evolving and addressing digital transformation, cyber threats are rising and growing. From digital payments, high value transactions and cloud services to digital assets which brings new opportunities along side new risks.

HUB Security customizable hardware cyber platform is built to address new challenges with one-of-a-kind quantum proof HSM, Fips 140-2 level 4 design and insurance protection for digital assets. Highly secure and programmable HSM, sending, signing, and authenticating transactions is quick, easy, and intuitive. HUB Security’s mini HSM allows secure access to team members working remotely regardless of the application or the location. Always available and online, distributed redundancy solution enables fast and automatic backup in real time.

Use cases protected:

  • High volume transactions and payments (SWIFT, SEPA, Blockchain)
  • Pin translation
  • Policy and authorization flow
  • Cloud payments
  • Card issuance
  • Digital asset custody
  • Tokenization, token issuance

Secure Remote Access and Approval

With HUB you can secure any type of sensitive business flow with end-to-end HSM security.
Built for sensitive and complex approval flows such as secure access to critical infrastructure, payments, transfer of assets, code signing, identity management, gold transfer approval flows etc.
The HUB Security Mini-HSM device is compliant to FIPS level 3, enabling an ultra-secure and fully remote access to the HUB Vault HSM, on-prem and in the cloud.
With HUB no identity stealth, no man-in-the-middle attacks and no phishing attacks while you are working remotely.
Manage and admin the HUB Vault HSM remotely, anytime and anywhere. Manage the company policies, accounts, applications.

Secure High Value Transaction

Securing high-risk transaction flow of digital assets and payments on-prem and in the cloud.
Insured HSM solution built for banking and enterprise assets management, token issuance, gold transfer approval flows and many more.
Enabling HSM-grade enforcement of the company’s policies and rules to support any type of business and compliance.
With HUB mini HSM and Vault HSM platform, companies can execute highly sensitive and complex processes in a secure environment.