How can the world of application development become secure in just a few steps? Before we give out the answer we need to better explain the problem.

Applications are everywhere. They are extremely useful for any organization since they have access to the most sensitive data (healthcare, finance, etc.). Unfortunately, they are also a source of vulnerability, with over 800 applicative vulnerabilities defined in the CWE.

Another source of vulnerability is the developers themselves. Application developers, as skilled as they may be, are not always familiar or educated regarding security. Naturally, it leads to a slew of security issues down the road.

So, is there a solution out there that may cover all of the above? SSDLC is the workable alternative. SSDLC is a process that enables the application to be developed in such a way that the security aspect is built early in development.

However, even this solution may have the potential to cause harm. Organizations that attempt to implement this process, partly or not according to the method, risk encountering glitches and delays. Any benefit that the SSDLC method brings may be jeopardized in such a case.

So, how do you implement SSDLC correctly? To complete this process successfully, you must first understand how to choose the critical activities and separate them from the less critical ones. This is the distinction that can make the app development process entirely secure in a way that is suitable for both large corporations and startups.

This concept of distilling the steps required to produce the right process is not commonly applied in the field. Based on my knowledge of the subject, I believe we will see a lot more of it in the near future. Remember, the magic word is shortlisting.

When you implement an SSDLC process it is better to have a short process with basic activities that are suitable to your budget, knowledge, and resources than a long process with multiple activities that will fail because you don’t have the abilities to implement it.

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