Tel-Aviv, Feb. 13th 2020 – Seagate® Technology, a world leader in data storage and management solutions, officially opened its LyveTM Labs in Israel. The mission of the initiative is to form partnerships with businesses in order to enable innovations by providing simple, secure, and efficient ways to work with exabytes of data. The initiative also empowers the seamless movement of data, optimizing its business value both in flight and at rest.

HUB Security is proud to announce its partnership with Seagate as part of its new initiative to explore ways to create safe and secure data management solutions. Built by ex military cyber security experts, HUB Security offers a tamper-proof, multi-tenant cyber key and identity management platform.

The security platform is based on its own design, with a next-gen tamper-proof HSM device. “We asked Lyve Labs to help us with the proof of concept for our HSM solution,” said Eyal Moshe, CEO of HUB Security. “As a cloud provider, their partnership is key.”

The startups partnering with Lyve Labs Israel take on data challenges that tackle real-world problems, such as disaster management and cloud security. “We want to both help the ecosystem and learn from it,” said Erez Baum, head of Lyve Labs Israel. “Lyve Labs is as much a two-way learning platform as a co-creation center. The goal is to learn from our partners’ data challenges and develop solutions in collaboration with them to help them be more competitive in this data-driven economy.”

The proof of concept will take the form of a streamable hackathon that will be hosted at the Tel Aviv center later this year.

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