Last week we had the pleasure in hosting a panel of experts in federated learning, AI and data cybersecurity. In case you missed it, watch the full recording below or listen to the Spotify podcast


  • Tushar Kant, Co-Founder, Global IIT Artificial & Machine Learning Forum
  • Abdul Rahman Sattar, Lead Architect – Cybersecurity Analytics, TELUS
  • Mikhail Yurochkin, Research Staff Member, IBM Research
  • Daniel Zakrisson, CEO and Co-founder, Scaleout
  • David Hochhauser, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO, HUB Security)

Shterny Isseroff, Tech Journalist

Panel discussed on the following topics:

  • Privacy with Federated Learning
  • Using federated learning to boost prediction power
  • The role of confidential computing in AI/ML
  • Data processing and privacy