Artificial Intelligence

HUB announcements and global media coverage

Critical Infrastructure and AI Use Case

How to protect critical infrastructures and AI applications

Healthcare and AI Security Use Case

Combining healthcare and AI: risks and solutions.

4IR: The Invisible Revolution – Part Four

Dangers of 4IR, securing 4IR and different approaches.

4IR: The Invisible Revolution – Part Two

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and the algorithms that underpin them.

4IR: The Invisible Revolution – Part One

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is already here.

AI in Healthcare Security

HUB Security’s solution allows a safe environment for ML and AI intelligence processes.

Squaring the Circle: Democratization of Data Analytics and the Zero-Trust Paradigm

Making something accessible to everyone is a literal definition of democratization.

Cutting Edge

For the experienced reader, edge computing should not be too hard to comprehend.

AI & Data Privacy with Valerii Babushkin

Artificial Intelligence and Data Privacy in 2021 and in the future

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