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The Role of Quantum Encryption Building Blocks in New-age Defense Mechanisms

This article will examine the components that go into Quantum defenses and how to make sure that they can block malicious actors from accessing the foundations.

The Next Cyberattack Is Here! – Part 2

See our top 10 recommendations for preparing for a cyber incident.

The Next Cyberattack Is Here!

A comprehensive, mature, and holistic cyber security program that properly supports business goals is critical to reducing cyber risk.

Unlocking the Potential of AI for Healthcare Through Confidential Computing

Cybersecurity in the health sector is literally a matter of life and death.

Confidential Computing: Secure the Battlefield

Cyber Warfare has become the fifth dimension for overt and covert combat systems as this horrific conflict continues.

4 Key Changes in the New ISO 27002:2022 Revision

ISO 27002:2022 is out! It’s official – cybersecurity is the name of the game.

Time Critical Automation – Why Secure Edge Computing Is Essential to Smart Manufacturing

The 4th Industrial Revolution has continued its inexorable rise, powered by the Internet of Things, which in turn has been empowered by 5G technology.

Telcos and IoT

The Internet of Things is revolutionizing many aspects of business despite its relatively recent emergence.

Application Risks and SSDLC

How can the world of application development become secure in just a few steps?

Digital Twins for Confidential Computing

A confidential computing environment that focuses on security includes several types of digital twins.

Understanding and Mitigating the Log4shell 1-Day Exploit

In recent weeks, a new danger that is highly infectious and evades protection has been unleashed on the world.

4IR: The Invisible Revolution – Part Four

4IR is not only a valuable tool for corporations, it also maintains a lot of the critical infrastructure that allows complex modern societies to function at all.