Confidential Computing

HUB announcements and global media coverage

What is HUB Security’s Confidential Compute?

HUB Secure compute is about completely isolating data from the outside world.

The Case for Confidential Computing

Confidential computing: new possibilities that are currently limited by security concerns.

Unlocking the Potential of AI for Healthcare Through Confidential Computing

Cybersecurity in the health sector is literally a matter of life and death.

Confidential Computing: Secure the Battlefield

Cyber Warfare has become the fifth dimension for overt and covert combat systems.

Digital Twins for Confidential Computing

Several types of digital twins and different levels of protection.

The Energy Efficiency of Confidential Computing

COP26 Glasgow, confidential computing and environmental concerns.

AI in Healthcare Security

HUB Security’s solution allows a safe environment for ML and AI intelligence processes.

Cutting Edge

For the experienced reader, edge computing should not be too hard to comprehend.