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HUB announcements and global media coverage

Bank-Level Security for DeFi: HUB Security’s Vault Will Now Support MetaMask

HUB Security’s Cloud Servers and Mini-HSM Will Now Support MetaMask and DeFi.

HUB Security Welcomes Tezos Bakers!

HUB Security is offering Tezos bakers to receive a secured solution.

HUB Security Releases Enterprise Solution for Tezos Bakers

Tezos Israel and HUB Security partner to develop a physical security module.

HUB Security – Zero Trust Confidential Computing Platform

The HUB Vault HSM is a confidential computing zero trust platform.

HUB Security – Blockchain and Digital Assets Security

A HSM for custody management solutions protects your most valuable digital assets.

Securing SEC-Regulated INX Token Issuance and Distribution to Investors

HUB Security military-grade Vault HSM to secure INX’s crypto services.

Webinar: UK Market Financial Challenges 2020

HUB Security joins UK embassy in Tel Aviv to discuss UK financial market

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