HUB Security for Remote Access

HUB Security enables enterprise and government continuity in the Coronavirus outbreak.

HUB Security protects and enables the critical systems continuity by delivering military grade Key Management Solutions. Each decision maker will have a secure device (HUB’s Mini HSM) which is connected to the mobile phone or computer but is isolated from the web by our unique military-grade technology and hardware architecture. The HSM isolation eliminates any cyber and privacy threat from the web, PC or the mobile phone which are assumed to be hacked. Using HUB’s end-to-end solution, any decision maker can approve any action on a secure screen while receiving the request from the core HSM system. All the correspondence between the mini HSM and the core HSM are encrypted and digitally-signed so only the specific member receives the message on the HUB Mini HSM and approve or reject the action.

Why HUB Security?

– Protect and scale the modern business at lower cost with a multiCore, multi tenant HSM platform that allows for business continuity, accelerated processing and multiple accounts in one box

– Reduce the risk of attack on digital assets and sensitive transactions with ultra-secure FIPS Level 4 designed platform

– Flexible design to configure and customize innovative use-cases and applications easily and quickly

– Hand-held HSM’s for ensuring security of the highest standard is applied to the entire transaction flow including policy authorisation and multi-signature approvals

Features & Benefits

  • Highly flexible platform to run ant app and protocol
  • Always available (24/7) and always secure
  • Physical separation between clients and applications
  • Native support for blockchain use cases
  • Highly secured multiCore HSM
  • Hand-held HSM authentication device
  • Cryptographic key lifecycle management
  • Full Audit and logs


Contact a HUB Security expert to support your cyber security needs while dealing with the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak.