Professional Services Arm

A global team of professionals providing services of HUB integration & implementation of cybersecurity, safety and reliability systems for enterprises and governments

What we do

What we do

  • E2E managed services
  • Execution of HUB Technology projects
  • Integration & migration services as a prime contractor
  • Offensive security (DDOS, Phishing, Online discovery, Red teams & Penetration Tests)
  • Threat modeling & security assessment
  • Safety & Reliability management
  • Cyber Governance compliance (GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 27000, PCI-DSS)

HUB integration, implementation & managed services

We provide an entire range of professional cyber services supporting our technology and innovation arm of Confidential Computing. As a prime contractor, HUB delivers end-to-end solutions for on-premise or cloud implementations, including application and cloud security, systems integration, ancillary services (e.g. security health-check, threat assessments, pen-tests etc.) coupled with long-term support, upgrades & maintenance

HUB integration, implementation & managed services
HUB Security Threat Modeling

Threat Modeling

Secure your assets from every angle with battle-hardened threat modeling mapped by HUB’s gold-standard experts.

Many development teams and system owners are experts at what they do, but they don’t always understand which of their assets represent the biggest threat. HUB’s team works across many industries around the world to become the best-in-class at threat modeling.

With our help, you will:

  • Identify potential threats to the system that may have gone unnoticed
  • Understand exactly what your assets are and where they are located so you can map specific threats to them accordingly
  • Find out what the most likely attack vectors are, for early mitigation

Systems Safety & Reliability Management

Cybersecurity systems are not a standalone solution. Reliability, Availability, Maintainability & Safety (RAMS) services are one of the core HUB fields of expertise alongside professional cybersecurity solutions implementation.

HUB’s RAMS team has performed hundreds of reliability projects covering the entire scope of reliability, maintainability and safety tasks. More than 30 years of reliability consulting, training, software development and research are the solid basis of the HUB’s specialists’ reputation as the world leading RAMS team.

Systems Safety & Reliability Management
Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Modern businesses must uphold many regulations and compliance standards in order to protect their security and their customers.
The consequences of not doing so can result in costly fines and damaging reputational harm.
However, understanding the full breadth of compliance needs can be daunting. That’s our dedicated experts have refined their understanding of both compliance regulations and technical implementation for a unique end-to-end compliance solution, allowing faster and more thorough risk management.

Application Security

Build applications with tailor-made, mature security testing methodologies

With the number of possible threats continuing to grow and become more complex, only the most mature methodologies will achieve a thorough security test. Get started with HUB Security’s web application security test to:

  • Protect your customers’ sensitive data
  • Ensure compliance with all privacy and security regulations
  • Save your business from expensive and damaging downtime
  • Prevent costly updates and fixes at the end of development cycles
Application Security
Professional Services

Incident Response (IRP / IRT)

Resolve security incidents with our professionals

Our Incident Response Team have decades of experience across multiple industries and technologies, allowing them to resolve your issues rapidly. Our Response Team follows a well-defined methodology used by large vendors and research institutions around the world

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