AI & Big Data Summit – Part 1

HUB Security hosts its first summit of its kind, bringing together experts from the fields of AI, big data, and machine learning to discuss current trends, challenges, and opportunities.

The summit will be split into two sessions, with each focusing on the most recent business and technological opportunities in various industry verticals, as well as the latest innovations in AI, data analytics, machine learning, and security use cases.

Speakers in this video:
Doron Reuter, Commercial Executive Financial Services Tech at ING
Priyanka Telang, AI Architect at IBM
Sidharth Kumar, Data Science leader, and AI scientist at Intuit
Nitin Aggarwal, Head of Cloud AI Industry Solutions Services (India) at Google
Dr. Sanjeev Chaube, Executive Vice President & Head – Big Data & Advanced Analytic at Vodafone Idea Limited
David Hochhauser, CRO at HUB Security

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