AI in Healthcare

The market for AI in healthcare was valued at $8 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $195 billion by 2030. With the increasing volume and complexity of healthcare data sets, this trend of growth is expected to continue.

Having said that, as more connected medical devices are being built on AI, cybersecurity risks will also increase. Without proper safeguards and regulatory assurances, artificial intelligence can pose a threat to the security and privacy of patient information.

HUB Security is excited to bring together AI and healthcare professionals to facilitate AI adoption within the healthcare sector and to discuss zero-trust environments for protecting healthcare data and AI-based medical devices.

Senthil Kumaran, Senior Technology Executive at Virtuwell
Dutta Das, Mitali, Head Data Science & Predictive Analytics at Philips
Ravindra Patil, Ph.D. – Group Leader, Sr. Engineering Manager Data and AI at Philips
Mitul Shah, Vice President AI Product at Proscia
Cem Unsal, VP of Software engineering, Optum Technology
Gaurav Sharma, Vice President, North America at HUB Security

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