End to End Zero Trust Approach

HUB Security is excited to host Samrah Kazmi, Chief Innovation Strategist at RESRG, in our “End-to-End Zero Trust Approach” webinar. We discussed how integrated network security allows organizations to take advantage of the intelligence and visibility their networks provide to make more informed decisions regarding policy and threats. We will examine Zero Trust strategies, identity-based access policies, automated segmentation, as well as regulatory compliance, and show how an intelligent network can make your organization safer.


Intro – Get to know the Speakers

Open discussion on:

  • The principles of zero-trust strategy
  • How to secure users, devices, and apps anywhere
  • Zero Trust adoption best practices
  • How can we ensure fast regulatory compliance?
  • How to reduce time to detect threats and fix incidents


Samrah Kazmi, Chief Innovation Strategist at RESRG

David Hochhauser, Chief Revenue Officer at HUB Security

Moderator: Shterny Isseroff, Freelance writer and Journalist

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