Privacy and AI in Healthcare

Many healthcare providers are faced with the challenge of protecting sensitive medical data and detecting cyber threats with limited resources. HUB Security is excited to host a panel of professionals to discuss how to become more resilient to Cyberattacks, the role of architecture in the healthcare industry, how to reduce the risk of attacks, how to protect sensitive data and secure storage of medical information. During this session, we will discuss how to implement AI strategy and apply machine learning to tackle key data challenges.


Peter Henstock, Machine Learning & AI Lead, Pfizer

Amit Joshipura Product and Commercial Lead, Dexcom

Nitin Dhavate, Country Head – Data Privacy, Novartis

Huguette Diakabana, Co-chair Digital Health Technical Advisory Group, World Health Organization

Ian Thornton Trump CD, Chief Information Security Officer, Cyjax Limited

Ido Helshtock, Chief Product Officer, HUB Security

Moderator: Shterny Isseroff, Tech Journalist

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