Protecting Data and AI in Healthcare – 2nd Edition

Many healthcare providers are faced with the challenge of protecting sensitive medical data and detecting cyber threats with limited resources.

HUB Security is excited to host a panel of professionals to discuss how to become more resilient to Cyberattacks, the role of architecture in the healthcare industry, how to reduce the risk of attacks, how to protect sensitive data and secure storage of medical information. We will discuss federated learning for healthcare AI model training and the role of confidential computing in the healthcare industry.

Panel topics addressed:

  • The risks faced by hospitals when it comes to IoMT (Networked medical devices and the cyber threat to those) and some best practices on how to solve for that ever growing threat
  • The role of architecture that is still delayed in healthcare industry
  • Value of information sharing for the Health Sector and how we get more resilient to Cyberattacks
  • Confidential computing for AI in healthcare
  • Federated learning for healthcare AI model training
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence and sharing of information in healthcare
  • Phishing attacks
  • Supply chain attacks & supplier oversight
  • 2021 cybersecurity risks
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