Seamless Connectivity: The Power of 5G & Edge Computing

Organizations and enterprises are looking for compelling business models to leverage edge computing in the private 5G space. As investments increase, projects that combine these technologies must deliver innovative and holistic solutions and drive revenue.
While the use of edge computing in private 5G networks can improve operational efficiency and automation and reduce latency, it also introduces new cyber risks unique to these use cases.

Hub Security is pleased to host a panel of experts to discuss the success formula for mitigating cyber risks in private 5G networks with edge computing.

During the summit, we will discuss innovative network segmentation and hardware-based zero-attack approaches that strengthen data sovereignty.
The highly secure operations and improved 5G cellular coverage will likely reduce TCO and increase revenues.

We will explore various topics including:
• Unlock new usability use cases
• Productivity benefits and business opportunities
• Mitigating cyber vulnerabilities in an organization’s cellular network
• Maximize privacy and security in Edge Computing

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