The Future of Encryption

HUB Security is excited to host a panel of industry experts to discuss quantum security.

The key topics discussed at this event include:

  • Public key cryptography today
  • What are the most urgent problems in cryptography today?
  • The future of RSA
  • Quantum key distribution
  • Post-Quantum Cryptography


Thomas Stengel, Senior Director Global QRNG Business Development, ID Quantique

Paul Starrett, Founder, PrivacyLabs Marc Kaplan, Président, VeriQloud

Natalie Kilber, CEO & Owner, Nabla – Natalie Kilber Advisory

Maëva Ghonda, Founder and Chair, Quantum AI Institute and Chair – Quantum Computing, IEEE

Alon Saban, VP of Corporate Development, HUB Security

Moderator: Shterny Isseroff, Tech Journalist

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