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HUB Security, a global cyber security leader, offering a wide range of products, solutions and industry use cases.

Information Security, Cybersecurity And Privacy Protection

Secure Compute Platform

HUB Security redefines cybersecurity with confidential computing

The Secure Compute Platform is based on a new security paradigm centered on confidential computing, resulting in an extremely secure and innovative computing platform. Confidential computing enables your organization to work securely from anywhere in your network while maintaining data privacy, data sovereignty and meeting regulatory compliance.


Healthcare & AI Security

HUB Security’s hardware solution allows a safe environment for machine learning and AI healthcare processes to take place, while eliminating any concern for unwanted visibility between different models. Our unique Confidential Computing platform supports CPU and GPU of any size, thus enabling all execution environments. During the training process the environment remains under control and thus restricts malicious actors from hacking.

Healthcare and AI Protection
D.STORM HUB DDoS Simulation platform


HUB DDoS Simulation platform

The HUB D.Storm platform simulates a wide range of DDoS attack types, all of which are automated and controlled. D.Storm identifies the infrastructure’s weak points and vulnerabilities by stress testing it with a variety of attack methods, allowing the client to mitigate cyber risk exposure and withstand potential DDoS attacks.


Quantum Secured Cloud Workspace

HUB Security offers the ultimate security for organizations providing quantum protection. This solution enables a secure work environment for cloud-based documents.

Quantum Secured Cloud Workspace
Ransomware cure

Quantum Ransomware Cure

A ransomware attack occurs every 11 seconds, costing millions of dollars. When you recover quickly from a secure clean backup, ransomware is rendered ineffective. The HUB Ransomware Cure uses the S3 digital twin to ensure that every object in the backup can be decrypted and restored, while also detecting and avoiding threats.


RAM Commander

Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety Software

RAM Commander is a cloud-based SaaS tool that ensures the reliability of sophisticated systems. It does this through advanced assessment, analysis and prediction and covers all widely accepted reliability prediction standards. The tool is a must-have for manufacturers of electronic goods, providing unparalleled libraries of essential product information, all at the push of the button.

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