HUB Vault HSM Confidential Computing for AI Platform

HUB Security’s Vault HSM Confidential Computing platform enables a secure environment for AI applications to run inside its highly-secure enclave, designed for FIPS 140-2 level 4.

Confidential computing solutions, such as Standard TEE, have many security vulnerabilities making them unsafe to use without proper safeguards in place. 

  • Multi-app Usage Vulnerabilities
  • Vulnerable Single-use Hardware 
  • IoT and Device Connectivity

Other solutions, such as zero-knowledge, homomorphic encryption, and MPC all allow for data processing to take place while ensuring sensitive data remains encrypted. The downside to these solutions though are high computational costs and high processing time, making them impractical for everyday use by enterprise. 

These components are crucial when leveraging AI for confidential computing, machine learning, and neural networks applications in the cloud.

  • Ultra-secure environment for unique GPUs and CPUs
  • Fully programmable HSM platform 
  • Runs and executes high-performance applications
  • Compatible for cloud and edge environments
  • Meets high performance requirements
  • Hardware-based isolated core for each app
  • Remote secure user management via FOTA
  • Cryptographic algorithmic support
  • Optimized hardware acceleration
  • Custom policies and access rules

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