Comsec Incident Response Diagram

Why do you need an Incident Response solution?

Ransomware. Supply chain attacks. Phishing manipulations

Whether you are aware or not, you are constantly under attack. Cybercriminals continually probe for weaknesses with penetration tests. Through a proactive approach, you eliminate areas of weakness and limit cyber criminals attack options.

HUB Security’s Incident Response offering ensures that you are ready for them at any time, while delivering risk mitigation towards business continuity.

Hacker figure illustration

The HUB Security Incident Response methodology emphasizes preparedness. It begins with the creation of processes, and policies. Then, our incident response team conducts a cyberattack simulation to assess organizational readiness.

When needed our incident response experts take the lead. They identify the breach and work to contain and limit the damage. Once contained, the team eradicates the threat, and works to get affected systems back online.

Get prepared for cyber-attacks and eradicate cybersecurity incidents swiftly

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