Confidential Computing Protecting the Metaverse

The metaverse is everywhere in your network. Unlock and protect the power of AI, 5G and blockchain for the metaverse with confidential computing across data centers, private clouds and edge networks.

HUB Security leverages a new security paradigm centered around confidential computing for an extremely secure and innovative computing platform. The platform secures the entire computing stack and data at rest, in transit and in use.

Hub Server - Secure Compute Platform

Comprehensive Security Within the Metaverse

Edge Computing

  • No impact on latency and performance of ubiquitous metaverse AI and applications
  • Secure anywhere from the data center to edge
  • Protect the data and its privacy

Digital Twins

  • Cyber digital twins isolate metaverse “real world” digital twins
  • Control access, verify identity, validate requests


  • Protect the core transactional backbone – digital ID’s, digital assets, cryptocurrency, DeFi and NFTs
  • Safely store, issue, exchange, pay the metaverse tokens

Unique Value

+ Eliminate security hassle for developers – true isolation of entire compute stack

+ No modification required – integrate with existing environments

+ Deploy anywhere – from data centers to the edge

+ Unlock new business opportunities – designed to work with core metaverse technologies AI, 5G, IoT, blockchain

+ Future proof – support new security capabilities such as post quantum cryptography

Metaverse Concept

Solution Highlights


Secure Digital Twins

  • Secure computing
  • Secure data
    (in use, at rest, in transit)
  • Secure key management
  • Secure access control
  • Secure audit logs
  • Tamper detection


Extensible and flexible

  • Compatible across computing architectures: any CPU/GPU/FPGA
  • No performance impact and extremely scalable
  • Multiple form factors: multi-tenant servers, PCIe cards, chips


Deploy anywhere

  • Your datacenter, at the edge, connected to your cloud service


Future proof

  • Quantum ready (QRNG, post quantum algorithms, QKD integration)
  • Program and update remotely without changing the hardware


No modification needed

  • No modification of applications or their operating environment
  • Run in protected environments on standard platforms (e.g. containers)


End-to-end control

  • A broad range of hardware and software security services (layers 1 to 7)
  • Tamper-resistant for safe use outside your data center
HUB Server 2u
Confidential Computing Products | PCIE
ASIC for confidential computing, HUB-on-chip solution for edge devices

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