HUB | 1U, 2U, 4U

The HUB Secure Compute platform is available in the form of multiple hardware appliances that are custom-built for rack sizes of 1U, 2U, and 4U. These appliances are intended to meet a wide range of computing requirements anywhere on the network.


  • Cyber Twins – A HUB-exclusive approach to isolating the actual asset (such as apps, data, or AI models) and exposing a digital copy for operation. Even if the attacker gains access to admin credentials, this prevents the actual asset from being compromised (i.e, privileged access abuse).
  • Permission and Governance – Set the appropriate level of permissions for each asset within the secure zone, as well as the appropriate checks and balances using approvals.
  • Key Management – An internal hardware security module that acts as a root of trust, isolating and protecting incoming data and other services while generating and distributing keys to external servers and internal applications. Each incoming and outgoing packet is subjected to bi-directional physical and logical filtering.
  • Tamper-Resistant – A military-grade tamper evident and resistance mode that protects against physical attacks. This enables the system to wipe itself in the event of a compromise.
  • High-performance acceleration for FPGAs, CPUs, and GPUs with maximum flexibility.


  • Everything runs inside a hardware based secure enclave, for optimal security and privacy.
  • Full hardware isolation for keys and applications between clients.
  • No modification of apps or their operating environment.
  • Run in protected environments on standard platforms (e.g. containers).
  • Reduce energy consumption and floorspace by utilizing a powerful, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly hardware acceleration.