Based on the concept of a “digital twin,” HUB Security’s Quantum Cure ransomware technology ensures that your backup is always safe, clean, and ready to use.

As the future-proof technology protects against any attempt to infect your backup, this solution serves as an external interface to it.

The digital replica of the S3 API in the HUB confidential computing platform is designed for physical protection, vulnerability exploitation, and detecting and avoiding threats by implementing strict controls, ensuring that the actual S3 API is never exposed.

Furthermore, the HUB platform verifies that each file has been encrypted using a known encryption key and the predefined encryption algorithm. Otherwise, the file will be blocked and identified as a victim of a ransomware attack.

The HUB platform includes the following features:
* Built-in ransomware protection for a standard HSM
* AWS KMS and PKCS 11 compliance
* BYOK (Bring Your Own Keys) encryption support
* Client-side encryption support

HUB’s platform policies and permissions engines operate in a zero-trust environment, which is a secure enclave designed to ensure cyber resilience even if the organization is completely compromised. Each policy incorporates network security rules as well as authorization flows.