HUB Security offers the ultimate security for organizations providing quantum protection. This solution enables a secure work environment for cloud-based documents.

Cloud-based workspaces have become the preferred office suite for many organizations when it comes to creating and sharing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Many of these documents are highly sensitive.


Cloud Workspace


HUB Security’s solution is a hardware security module (HSM) based on post-quantum algorithms that are resistant to attacks by quantum computers. The HUB solution will protect the workspace, enabling cryptographic operations by generating the same encryption key on two networks that are NOT connected.

The cloud-based workspace quantum solution includes:

1) Quantum random number generator (QRNG)-based solution.

2) Post-quantum algorithms support.

3) Native support ETSI QKD protocol

Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) is based on quantum physics principles rather than algorithms. This technology is future-proof; no computer, not even the most powerful quantum computer, will be able to break this method of key exchange. All QKD products must now be certified, according to European Standards bodies.

Either solution will support cloud-based workspace and client-side encryption integration, with user authentication based on the customer’s identity provider (IdP), as well as IdP applications and functionality running in a secure execution environment.

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