Due to the continued compromise of sensitive and highly classified data through cloud-based collaborative tools, organizations are looking for solutions to enable a BYOK (Bring Your Own Key) and client-side encryption capabilities. Adding these controls enables organizations to make their data indecipherable even to the cloud provider.

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This approach also helps organizations with their digital transformation initiatives and cross-organization data and services collaboration. Organizations with sensitive data often limit themselves from using public cloud platforms due to concerns about privacy and control over their data. Enabling cloud-based services while satisfying tight privacy concerns enables organizations to fulfill the digital transformation and leverage public cloud-based offerings.

HUB Security has developed an innovative approach for securing data exchange & preserving privacy in cloud-based collaborative tools such as Google Workspace suite. This approach is based on an integrated solution that is built on top of HUB’s Confidential Compute platform and quantum key distribution from a technology partner.

To address data security & privacy challenges introduced by the coming age of quantum supremacy, HUB Security enables organizations to be ready today by natively supporting NIST quantum-proof algorithms and integration of advanced quantum cryptography capabilities.

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