Organizations undertaking digital transformation initiatives and cross-organizational collaboration on data and services are often hesitant to use public cloud platforms because of concerns about privacy and control over their data.

For this reason, solutions that enable client-side encryption capabilities (e.g. CSE) are always in demand. Once privacy concerns are addressed, organizations can make the digital transformation and leverage public cloud-based offerings.

Furthermore, by adding these controls, organizations can even make their data indecipherable to the cloud provider.

Secured Collaborative Environment for Public Cloud Services

  • HUB Security has developed an innovative approach to improving and securing collaboration and data sharing in the cloud-based Google Workspace Suite. HUB Secure Compute Platforms secure Google’s CSE key management service and identity provider functions, fully isolating and protecting these critical resources and assets from tampering and malicious use.
  • The HUB security platforms give organizations complete control over the residency of their most sensitive secrets (keys and identities), enabling compliance with government regulations.
  • HUB solutions can work seamlessly with third-party IDP and quantum-driven security (QRNG/QKD).
  • HUB’s platforms address the data security and privacy challenges posed by the coming age of quantum supremacy by natively supporting NIST quantum-safe algorithms and integrating advanced quantum cryptography capabilities.