HUB Security values your privacy and therefore has set up this extensive Privacy Policy in order to notify you when is data stored, what is being processed and what is being disclosed to other entities. Though Hub Security is not a US or EU based organization, its privacy policy is in strict compliance with the US Export Authority’s Privacy Shield Principles and the spirit of the GDPR and is in full and strict compliance with all Israeli privacy regulations.

How Do We Collect Personal Information? We collect information solely by your use of our website; meaning by the way you browse our site, and the information you fill out.

What Personal Information Is Retained About You? We collect two types of personal information; the first is statistic information about your use of the website, such as the pages you viewed, the links you have clicked, your device and browser type, you visit time, IP address and referral. The second is the information that you fill out in our forms.

What Non-Personal Information Is Retained About You? We retain some non-personally identifiable information, including your browsing habits, and other information we may receive from you, provided that you were notified explicitly on such collection or retention.

How Do We Process Your Information? We shall process the information through the service we provide to better understand how people use our website. We also use your contact information to contact you with updates and notifications regarding our services, which you may opt out of.

Do We Use Cookies In Our Service? A Cookie is a small file stored on your computer which is used in interaction between your computer and our servers (or 3rd party servers). Cookies may sometime be used to identify you. We use both first party and third party cookies to provide you with our services.

Who has Access to Your Information? We provide access to your information, solely to our employees, that are under strict confidentiality obligations. Our employees use of your personal information is monitored. When we provide information to third parties who provide us a portion of the services, they are also under an obligation to keep information confidential.

Which third parties do we use to process the personal information? We use Google Tag manager and Google Ad to provide better services and advertising, we use mailchimp to provide our mailing services and we use WordPress email plugins. We may also use Digital Ocean and Canlendly for managing appointments and email contacts.

How Can We Contact You? We may send periodical newsletters and we may send you updates; you may always opt-out of these services.

Can You Amend the Information? We respect your privacy and you can send us an email to request that we remove your personal information or obtain a copy of your personal information, and you may also contact us with any additional inquiry.

What Can You Do If You Feel Your Privacy Was Invaded? If You feel your privacy was invaded, you can always contact our privacy officer, by email or through our contact form, and file a complaint, our privacy officer will inspect the complaints within reasonable time and send you and answer promptly, our privacy officer also publishes periodical reports about such complaints, which you can find on our website or contact us directly. You can contact our privacy officer by email at [email protected]