Confidential Computing Anywhere in Your Network

Confidential Computing is a base for the Secure Compute Platform, that enables your business to work securely from anywhere in your network.

The Secure Compute Platform unleashes the power of innovations like AI and machine learning, edge, 5G, the metaverse, and quantum computing by providing secure computing across data centers, private clouds, and edge networks.

Hub Server - Secure Compute Platform

The Secure Compute Platform offers the following distinct advantages to your organization:

+ Removing security concerns for developers by isolating the entire compute stack and integrating into existing environments without requiring any modifications
+ Deploying anywhere, from data centers to the edge without affecting latency or performance
+ Creating new business opportunities by collaborating with multiple technologies and protecting AI models and data without exposing your data to semi-trusted entities
+ Supporting emerging security technologies such as post-quantum cryptography
+ Extending the use of public cloud services to the edge
+ Maintaining and improving data privacy

Secure Compute Platform

The platform incorporates four key security concepts:


The Cyber Digital Twin

Expose your applications’ interfaces to the outside world to validate and verify appropriate communication and flow are the only types of communication permitted into the secure compute environment.


Permissions and Governance

Fine-grained authorization for the entire network and compute stack from hardware to layer-7 applications with stealth logging. Furthermore, governance rules such as approval workflows, velocity checks and others enable the organization to prevent privileged abuse of the advanced hacking techniques.



Detects any physical change to the platform and responds with an alert to a complete wiping operation, resulting in comprehensive trust even at the edge, where appropriate physical security for computing platforms is lacking.


Crypto Engine

Creating and managing keys encryption and decryption services enables the solution to act as an internal HSM for each application and service.

HUB Security’s Secure Compute Platform redefines cyber security