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Attack Surface Management

Consistently identify and address both your recognized and unforeseen external risks
HUB Security's Attack Surface Management provides you with insights into your genuine attack surface, encompassing the digital assets you acknowledge, those you might not be aware of, and any potentially harmful or unauthorized assets

Obtain the perspective of potential attackers
To safeguard your organization, it's essential to have a clear understanding of the assets and digital terrain requiring protection. While conducting vulnerability scans on known assets is straightforward, monitoring newly added assets within your infrastructure can be challenging.
Our Attack Surface Monitoring & Management offers automated, comprehensive insight into your digital footprint, revealing security concerns and vulnerabilities that could be targeted by potential adversaries.

How it works?

Reveal both identified and undisclosed assets 
Reveal your online footprint - Uncover your digital presence.
Identify and chart all outward-facing digital resources, including domains, IP addresses, web interfaces, cloud storage, and beyond. Gather data from various openly accessible, deeply buried, and clandestine sources to unveil your organization's complete digital presence and assist in addressing Shadow IT concerns.

 Identify security issues 
 Unearth security concerns.
Consistently conduct scans and mapping of the organization's online presence to identify prevalent security issues, including high-risk CVEs, exploitable open ports, exposed cloud storage, vulnerable web interfaces, and other potential vulnerabilities.

Evaluate and rank risks
Determine a security rating by contrasting existing threats with your organization's established best practices. Monitor and oversee recognized problems and assets, enabling your organization to concentrate on and resolve the most vital concerns initially.

Monitor your attack surface
Regularly observe your organization's dynamically evolving digital footprint to attain continual and comprehensive insight. Reevaluate and consistently scan all assets on a weekly basis, tailoring the process to meet specific criteria.

 How does HUB Security discover my external attack surface?
HUB Security continuously & automatically scans the open, deep and dark web to discover your external IT infrastructure. Using publicly-available data, like DNS records, WHOIS data, SSL certificates, and more, HUB Security's Attack Surface Monitoring module maps out your organization’s external attack surface, including IP addresses, domains, subdomains, cloud storage, and organizations (i.e. trademarked brands). 

What should you look for in an Attack Surface Management Solution?
 When searching for an attack surface management solution, seek one that goes beyond addressing the conventional attack surface tasks, such as performing external IT asset discovery, maintaining a comprehensive asset inventory, and spotting problems in external assets. Look for a solution that adds extra value by harnessing cyber threat intelligence and addressing brand protection requirements. Opt for a solution that seamlessly integrates threat intelligence with attack surface management capabilities and disaster recovery planning services. This will provide you with visibility and precise alerts concerning all external threats pertinent to your infrastructure, brand, and data.

What types of security issues can HUB Security identify in my external digital assets?
The types of security issues we identify are: 
Certificate Authority issues  
Compromised Credentials  
Email Security issues  
Exploitable Ports  
Exposed Cloud Storage  
Exposed Web Interfaces  
Hijackable Subdomains  
Mail Servers In Blocklist  
SSL/TLS issues  

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