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 HUB Security


"Built for organizations that cannot afford to lose their crown jewels"

HUB Security’s approach to cybersecurity is to focus on protecting our clients’ “crown jewels”, assuming that the server is already infected and the administrator has been compromised, leveraging zero trust, secure compute as the next generation of defense in-depth Trade secrets. Trading algorithms. Patient data. Keys to biometric credentials. Insurance policies and limits. Our confidential computing platform is the last line of defense for your sensitive data, providing full protection even if your passwords have been stolen and even if your underlying infrastructure has been compromised.


HUB Security is a leader in confidential computing, a computing technology that uses isolated enclaves to protect sensitive data and applications from unauthorized access. In confidential computing, data is protected at its most vulnerable level- data in use, and even from malicious access via administrator credentials, ensuring that it is accessible only to policy-authorized programming code, and invisible to everyone else, including network and cloud providers.

About us:

 HUB Cyber Security Ltd (“HUB”) was established in 2017 by veterans of the elite intelligence units of the Israeli Defense Forces and began trading as a public company on Nasdaq on March 1, 2023 under the ticker HUBC. HUB specializes in unique cybersecurity solutions protecting sensitive commercial and government information and is a recognized leader in the rapidly evolving field of zero trust confidential computing, an area of cybersecurity that provides protection to data even when computers are infected and administrators are compromised.

In 2021, HUB Security Group acquired Comsec Global, a renowned cybersecurity firm with over 35 years of experience. Comsec Global has been honored as a trusted advisor to global leaders, offering a broad portfolio of cybersecurity services and solutions, including
automation, compliance, and training in over 30 countries worldwide.
With this strategic move, HUB Security Group solidifies its position at the forefront of the cybersecurity landscape, delivering cutting-edge solutions and protecting critical data effectively.

HUB’s computing solutions aim at preventing hostile intrusions at the hardware level while introducing a novel set of data theft prevention solutions. The Company operates in over 30 countries and provides innovative cybersecurity computing appliances as well as a wide range of cybersecurity services worldwide.



Noam Band


Uzi Moscovich_

Uzi Moscovich 



Nir Bar- Eli  

CEO of Comsec Global


Alon Saban

EVP Cyber Security


Andrey Iaremenko

Co Founder & CTO


Osher Partok Rheinisch 

Chief Legal Officer

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Lior Davidsohn 

VP Finance



Gili Nizani 

VP Marketing


Rubi Lebovitch 

VP Growth & Business Development 

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