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Safety Commander

The Safety Commander is designed to evaluate the safety of highly integrated systems in a model-based design environment. It adheres to civil and military aviation safety regulations, and its fault tree analysis (FTA) serves as the foundation for true safety assessment integration.

The product addresses and overcomes the challenges of completeness, integration, algorithmic accuracy, and uniformity that are required to demonstrate and support the level of safety of any “system of systems.” It ensures that safety requirements are met across a wide range of highly integrated systems in the twenty-first century.

Safety Commander

Distinctive Advantages

The Safety Commander addresses OEM challenges, "system of systems" designers' challenges, and supports technically diverse projects:

  • True integration of an entire aircraft safety assessment through an innovative mechanism for resolving intersystem dependencies

  • Huge FTAs with millions of cut-sets that are easy to construct, navigate, and calculate

  • Average probability calculation in addition to the worst case calculation

  • Loop failure resolutions

  • One-click recalculation when flight profile changes are required, saving significant engineering effort

  • Multi-user/multi-site/multi-vendor environment for visibility and control of the safety assessment progress

  • Version/Revision control over the history of A/C and system safety assessments throughout the A/C design process

  • Automatically generated final certification document linking all types of safety analysis

  • Import of FTAs from widely used software


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