Resolve security incidents rapidly with HUB Security’s vastly experienced quick-strike response team

When a security breach occurs, the consequences can be severe. From stalled revenues to damaging reputation, data loss, and compliance issues, every minute spent compromised can escalate into further complications.

  • Reduce the costly and damaging consequences of security incidents
  • Get business-critical systems back online faster with dedicated experts in application, network, infrastructure, and digital forensics security
  • Discover weaknesses in your systems after the breach has been resolved to avoid future incidents

How HUB Security’s Incident Response Experts Help Your Business

Our Incident Response Team have decades of experience across multiple industries and technologies, allowing them to resolve your issues rapidly. Our Response Team follows a well-defined methodology used by large vendors and research institutions around the world, including SANS. Over the years, our process has been enhanced and refined to be best-in-class:

  • Identify. First, our team will identify the root cause of the breach by classifying indications of compromise (IOC). The identification process has been shaped by mimicking the attackers process, namely through an Execution Chain. The Execution Chain follows a model of structured actions from vulnerability reconnaissance to weaponization, delivery, exploitation, persistence, command and control, then finally action (for example, theft, destruction, or ransom).
  • Contain. Once we have understood the threat and which stage of the Execution Chain it is in, we will contain the scope and magnitude of it to prevent further harm. During this phase, we may patch any external and internal compromises to fully isolate the attack.
  • Eradicate. With the threat contained, our experts can get to work on removing it from the system or network. Our team has a rich knowledge of attack vectors and is fully up to date on the latest threats in order to resolve them.
  • Recovery. After the threat has been eradicated, our team ensures that your business is back to running as normal by restoring any stalled services and validating that the threat is completely removed.
  • Lessons learned (aftermath). At this stage, our team conducts an ‘aftermath’ session which evaluates the conditions in which the breach occurred, and outlines ways in which your business can improve its security posture and incident readiness in the future.

Over 30 Years of Cybersecurity Experience

  • HUB Security is trusted by over 1,000 clients including Fortune 500 companies
  • Our international offices ensure quick response times, any day of the week
  • Work with enterprise-level, certified professionals with top-tier credentials
  • Find solutions quickly based on HUB Security’s gold-standard Isreali cybersecurity expertise
  • HUB Security is certified as a QSA for PCI-DSS, PCI-PA, and HIPAA compliance and is a lead auditor for ISO 2700 standards

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